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How to Use an Essay Maker

How to Use an Essay Maker to Write a Legal Essay for School

When it comes to writing essays for school, many students feel overwhelmed. After all, it is bad enough having to write papers without having the huge amount you often get in university.

There is, however, something called an online essay maker that actually generates an essay for you if you just give it the keywords of the subject you need. People will tell you this is cheating and you should not use them but, in actual fact, you can use an essay maker to write an essay for school, and do it in a completely legal, none cheating way. Here is how.

Decide upon the subject -- If you have been given an essay assignment, decide upon the subject you want to write about and the keywords you will need to use. For instance, if the assignment is on 20th century writers, you could use the keywords '20th century writers' and then add names like 'John Irving, Anne Rice and J.K. Rowling'.

Submit these to the essay maker, which will now start generating an essay for you. Once it has finished, a screen will pop up with the essay and you can then cut and paste it into a program like Word.

How to make the essay legal for school -- Now you have the base for an essay that is actually legal. Read it through and decide on the pieces you want to keep and the pieces you do not. Delete what you do not want, and then add your own research to flesh it out. Sure, you will have to do some writing of your own, but nowhere near as much as if you had the whole paper to write.

Within just a couple of hours, you should then have a complete paper and one that is legal to turn in for your assignment. 

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